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Timroon is a Boston-based global manufacturing and sourcing firm that helps companies become more competitive by producing their components or assemblies to high quality standards where it is most strategically advantageous.  Our multidisciplinary team fuses design, innovation and strategy to bring your products to life, and deliver them on-time, at the highest quality and in your price point.

Timroon helped us turn our idea into reality. After meeting the Timroon team, they worked hand-in-hand with us to design and engineer our product, which will soon be in production!
— Suzanne Amato, CEO, UVlove
We came to Timroon after making our first prototype. The prototype looked good but wasn’t designed for manufacturing. Timroon not only took on the design-for-manufacturing responsibilities, but was able to maintain the demanding aesthetic requirements. With their reputable supply chain overseas, they were able to achieve an all-inclusive and desirable product. We’ve really enjoyed working with the Timroon team.
— Benjamin Kander, CEO, Welly Bottle